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Life Cycle Costing

We provide a range of specialist life cycle cost advice to funders, SPVs, developers, constructors, occupiers and operators of new build and existing facilities.

We work with our clients to develop / understand their life cycle cost objectives and tailor our service accordingly, ranging from benchmarking for strategic business cases to detailed as built life cycle replacement and maintenance cost plans. We specialise in representing clients with a long term interest in new facilities in the design development process, helping to define operating cost targets, brief design teams, estimate operating costs and working with design teams to optimise operating costs alongside construction cost targets.

Our service includes:

  • Delivering operationally effective & efficient new facilities
  • Improving the life cycle cost performance of new facilities
  • FM & Life Cycle Design Briefs & Target Setting & Tracking
  • Life cycle replacement & FM cost benchmarking & estimation
  • Life cycle cost design options & value engineering appraisals
  • Operational FM design reviews
  • Soft Landings Management & Implementation

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